Earring Designs: Reinvented and Recycled (Vivalashiekh Designs)

Calling all individualists! We all have a collection of items that have caught our eye, but for which we have no real use. Upcycle! Take what appeals to you and make it into earrings/pendant. As we brainstorm ideas and innovation, you'll start to feel comfortable about stepping outside the box on what an earring can be. You'll learn how to build up layers, apply adhesives, choose assemblage options, and achieve wearability. Today's fashionistas applaud creativity and recycling, and in that spirit, we'll explore themes of color, shape, and style each week, while using a wide range of materials including plastic, paper, fabric, and more. You’ll go home with several new pairs of beautiful one of a kind earrings . Please bring a section of small fond items that you'd like to incorporate into your earrings, and all other materials will be provided .

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Earring Designs reinvented and recycled