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Carole Allen, Ceramics

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Pottery, ceramics, and glass
Studio Location: 
Ceramics Classroom, Lower Level
City, State: 
Hyde Park, MA

Artist Statement

In my professional life, I am a graphic designer, manager, and art director. But I always needed to have my hands and my creative brain involved in the arts, mainly photography, textiles, and for the past twenty years or so, mainly ceramics. I have studied with the late Makoto Yabe, and Lisa Dolliver of Earth Changes Pottery in Massachusetts. I have also attended workshops with other established ceramic artists like Deborah Schwartzkopf of Seattle at Massachusetts College of Art, and London artist Carolyn Genders at LaMeridiana International School of Ceramics in Tuscany. I am now combining my two passions of graphics and crafts through a new focus on surface design, applying bold graphics on wheel-thrown pieces, as well as using hand-building techniques of a more rustic nature while still utilizing pattern and surface decoration.