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Artist Artist Website Studio Location
Terry Boutelle, Painter Studio 19B, Upper Level
Josephine Burr, Ceramicist Studio 18A, Upper Level
Danielle Coenen, Painter Studio 19A, Upper Level
Dedham School of Music Studio 16, upper level
Risa Edelstein, Ceramic Artist Studio 2A, Lower Level
Ronni & Amos Eisenberg, Mosaics Instagram @inpieces Studio 20, Upper Level
Jeffrey Ellse, Painter Studio 12A, Main Level
Angela Fiori, Painter Studio 18B, Upper Level
Sean Flood, Painter Studio 5, Main Level
Jean Ford Webb, Sculptor Studio 15, Upper Level
Percy Fortini-Wright, Painter Studio 1, Lower Level
Remmi Franklin, Mixed Media Studio 13, Upper Level
Orietta Geha, Metalsmith Studio 9 + 10
Suzanne Grey, Sculptor & Painter Studio 15, upper level
Caitlyn Marsh, Ceramics Studio 3, Lower Level
Lana Mendelsohn, Ceramic Artist Studio 2C, lower level
MetalMorphosis, 7 Silversmiths Studios 9 + 10, Main Level
Michael Moore, Painter Studio 21, Upper Level
Lauren Nauman, Ceramic Artist Studio 4B, Lower Level
Donna Pioli, Ceramic Artist Studio 3, Lower Level
Claudia Ravaschiere, Sculptor Studio 14, Upper Level
Elizabeth Slayton, Painter Studio 17, Upper Level
Jo Soshnick, Ceramic Artist Studio 2B, Lower Level
Sue Stein, Ceramics Studio 4C, Lower Level
Archie E. Stewart, Kite Education Kite Education Studio 6B, Main Level
Susan Strouse, Painter Studio 17, Upper Level
Jen Sutherland Studio 4A, Lower level
Bryan Taylor, Painter and Illustrator Studio 12A, Main Level
Loes Venker-DeNoo Studio 13, Upper Level