Core Values


Mother Brook Arts and Community Center believes that art is essential to cultural and community vitality. Through the inclusion and participation of all ages and abilities, art will strengthen individual and community connections within Dedham. Through encouragement of exploration/participation by all, across social, educational and economic levels commonalities are found and ties are formed.

Mother Brook Arts and Community Center believes in the transformative power of the creative process. We believe that through the creative process individuals will experience self-discovery and develop self-expression. We are committed to the encouragement and support of creative thinking and all kinds of teaching, learning, and communication.

MBACC is committed to being innovative, inspirational, surprising and exciting.


Mother Brook Arts and Community Center believes in being open and responsive to the ongoing needs of our town, the community leadership, and our neighbors. We will help foster creative, respectful, productive dialogue between staff/community/local government.

MBACC believes in promoting a sense of community ownership that fosters empowerment and encourages the development of respect and pride in community. MBACC is committed to equal access, both physical and financial, to the arts.

MBACC believes in collaboration within Dedham and surrounding communities to help create a vibrant and broad based arts environment.

We are committed to a multiplicity of viewpoints, experiences, backgrounds and approaches to art that reflect the diversity of our population.

Economic revitalization

Mother Brook Arts and Community Center believes that the arts and the creative sector contribute directly to economic vitality. There is growing evidence to support this: according to a 2011 report, commissioned by Boston-based New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), and quoted on the Mass Cultural Council website:

More than 8,000 arts and cultural nonprofits in Massachusetts, which employ 27,100 people, spend $2.1 billion annually and generate another $2.5 billion of economic activity across the state.

The creative sector has a major impact on the larger economy and is a steady, reliable industry, less subject to the cyclical ups and downs of the overall economy than the average New England business.

Mother Brook believes in collaboration with the other arts focused non-profits in Dedham and surrounding towns to create an arts community which draws visitors from the across the region.

MBACC believes in excellent and responsive customer service for both users and donors. We are committed to using best practices to create and maintain the high quality of our arts and community center.