Watercolors with Nancy Walton (Fall 2015)

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Award winning artist and instructor of ten years, Nancy Walton shares her twenty years-plus experience in watercolor painting in this class, where she will explore not only the basic elements of watercolor painting, but also how to put “soul” into the painting. Using a paint-along method of teaching, each class will be designed towards the completion of a painting within the three hour time-frame.

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The Spray Can & The Brush (October 2015)

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The Spray Can and Brush is a workshop/mentorship mixing graffiti with classical painting techniques ranging from realism to abstraction. You will be introduced to various techniques working with oil or acrylic and spray paint. Beginning with traditional approaches of painting using still life’s, single objects as well as working from photographs. Ultimately learning to translate what we "see" to a two-dimensional surface while exploring paint application and layering processes using graffiti and abstraction.

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Stained Glass with Michel L'Huillier (Fall 2015)

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In a relaxed atmosphere, learn the copper-foil method and create a stained glass panel (up to 1.5 square feet). Learn to cut glass accurately, foil and solder. Put your creativity to the test, transform your ideas in quick sketches; from there, develop a full scale “cartoon” and then bring it to life with shapes, colors and textures. Michel L’Huillier, your instructor, will provide you with all the tools and materials necessary: foil, solder, zinc channels, patina, along with a wide selection of “cathedral glass” and European “antique” glass for your project.

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T'ai Chi with Dana Buck (Fall 2015)

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T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a martial art designed to help one gain happiness, health, harmony, and healing. The slow, even movements of tai chi build strength, endurance, coordination and confidence. The practice is based upon the principle of shifting one's weight while keeping the body stable and upright. The movements are connected by smooth, even breathing. All welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

Class will not meet on 10/8 or 11/26.

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Price: $180.00
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