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Adult Clay Parties and Private Lessons

The ceramics studio is a great gathering place for adults too! Celebrate an occasion by hosting a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, retirement, reunion, or holiday party. Or host an event just for a chance for a fun get together with family, friends, or co-workers. See below for more details about private classes and lessons.

Choose from 3 options for adult parties:

  • wheel-throwing
  • hand-building
  • create using either methods, plus glaze a premade piece

Both wheel and hand-building parties are 1.5hrs with an instructor, or 2hr when including glaze. Select from a number of projects such as vases, nesting bowls, lidded jars, serving platters, large utensil holders, or a project of your choosing!

  • Wheel parties are 1.5hr for 8 adults and cost $350
  • Hand-building parties are 1.5hr for 10 adults and cost $350
  • Create & glaze parties with wheel are 2hr for 8 adults and cost $450, plus $5 per premade pot.
  • LARGE create & glaze parties are for groups of 9 or more and include a 2hr wheel or hand-building lesson, plus premade pottery to glaze. The cost for the first 8 is $450 + $5 per premade pot, and every additional adult cost $15 each up to 16 adults.

Clay must be glazed to be functional or food safe. All clay creations are decorative. Pottery is functional when selecting a create & glaze party where the pre-made pottery will be fully glazed, water tight and food safe.


The studio is also available for private lessons or classes. Please contact the Ceramics Program Directior for available schedule. These events require 4 week lead time. Individual lessons and private classes and be 1hr-3hr in length. Private classes have a minimum of 4 students. 


Email our Ceramics Program Director for more information and availability at: