Ceramic Studio Artists 2018


Ceramic Studio Artists (CSA) have experience with clay, are comfortable working unsupervised and desire more open studio time for their creative process.

Program Benefits

  • Personal shelf for projects, tools and clay
  • Studio access 10 am - 9 pm
  • Tuition discount on Ceramics Education Programs
  • Separate workspace with work tables and pottery wheels to use during class time
  • Firings are included in program fee
  • Access to Ceramics Director for project guidance

Program Details

  • Clay studio experience is required
  • Clay is purchased from the studio
  • CSAs have access to all studio glazes
  • CSAs are responsible for proper use and clean up of the studio
  • CSA's artwork is fired by the program
  • Education programs are expected to run uninterrupted by Artist activity
  • Sessions run for 6 months


Ceramic Studio Artists are required to have experience in clay studios due to the absence of supervision and abundance of open studio time.  We offer a Ceramics 101 Crash Course to all potential Ceramic Studio Artists, both privately or in groups.  This course covers proper use and cleanup of the studio. 

Our 10 week Spring Ceramic Studio Artist session begins Monday April 2, 2018 & ends June 17th, 2018.

Our Summer Ceramic Studio Artist session begins Monday July 2nd, 2018. Continuing students have the option to work the two weeks bewteen Spring & Summer session, June 18-July 1, 2018.

Open studio time throughout the session is available to all when the building is open 10am-9pm.